Dagenham Roundhouse, Lodge Avenue

The 70’s, some do say the golden age of Rock, I personally feel very blessed to of been around and living so close to what was then a major concert venue for the then named underground scene, no longer open for live music this being the Dagenham Round House also known as the Village Blues Club. Who would believe you today that you could see the likes of Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull, Free, Family & Fairport Convention for as little as 75p. I can remember having a brief chat with one Keith Moon of the Who at the bar, he was there to play the drums with Bonzo Dog Do-da Band. Many a Saturday night was spent here bopping away to the top seventies rock, blues and electric folk acts. I can't ever remember the place not to be bulging full and heaving with lots of people bopping. Will never forget Marsha Hunt and her band, what a fantastic funky night that was, her version of the Temptations 'Pappa was a Rolling Stone' was stunning.

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It was this background that inspired us to form Good Thinking, I had replied to an advert in the Melody Maker, Guitarist and Drummer seeks Bass player. The audition went well, I got the gig and I suggested bringing in a singer that I had worked with in a previous band. So the four founder members were, Warren Davis (Lead Guitar & Vocals), Mark Evans (Drums), Adrian Wood (Bass) & Marc Ring (Lead Vocalist, Rhythm Guitar & Percussion) and later joined by John Laws, multi instrumentalist and one time drummer with Ronnie and the Bigs. He joined GT as keyboards and second guitar. Managed by the now infamous Ray House, a man with a great dress and comic sense. With the line up complete the band set about writing material for both performances and a potential album which never saw the light of day due to the band finally breaking up. I believe the aim of the band was not so much to find fame but to enjoy and have fun, while together playing many dates for little or no money and of course the odd crate of beer. Over the time the band were together we played support to a number of well known acts including Thin Lizzy, Tony McPhee's Groundhogs, Wally and believe our last gig together was in Birmingham at Barbarella's supporting The Steve Gibbons Band.

An old Village Blues Club flyer

Like all good things, it finally came to an end, a demo tape had been recorded of 5 of the bands best compositions but sadly the band had run out of steam with two members leaving. Good Thinking went in the direction of being a covers band, I finally left and the band folded a few months later. I say it was bloody good (thinking) while it lasted and for me personally, was so thrilled to of played alongside Mark, he was a great drummer, I always thought he would go on to bigger and better things.

Having lost touched with most of the band members over the years I was quiet shocked to find out by chance of the untimely death of Mark, and this 5 years almost to the day that his murder had occurred. Warren had for some years been trying to find the various members of the band and had left a tag on friends re-unite that I stumbled on by chance. I asked about Mark and if he still saw him, the reply was you should take a look at this link http://blogcritics.org/music/article/warrior-soul-drummer-is-murdered/ which I did, it was a complete shock, Mark had been murdered some 5 years back, so tragic.

I cant finish these ramblings without mentioning the various entourage the band had, our Road Crew, Steve Scott, Noel Buckley, Ian (the man with the lights) and Richard, Dee and Sue Scott, Chris, Dee and Barbara Peckham, Gill and Len Phillips, Vicki Wiseman and come to mention it what ever happened to Silly Sue!!!!!! and the original Brady Bunch. Thanks also goes to Bob Bell his rehearsal studio, permanentley booked by us for all day Saturday, the use of Mayfield School temporary block.

Ady (Up-dated September 2010)